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Over the years, the Florida legislature has taken a great interest in adopting laws to regulate the relationships between landlords and tenants. The result is an often confusing body of law, which has historically favored the Landlord.  Our firm specializes in advocating for Landlords to enforce rental agreements and provide swift evictions for those tenants not in compliance.  Our services include: Evictions, Security Deposit Disputes, and other disputes that may arise between the Landlord and Tenant. 


Debt can be overwhelming, but ignoring it is not the answer. A number of substantial federal consumer protections have passed in recent years, and you may well be entitled to relief. We are here to help you overcome your debt such as: Consumer Debt Defense, Credit Card Debt Defense and Student Loan Default.


In addition to advocating for Landlords in Landlord Tenant disputes, our firm provides representation for all properties that a Landlord may have. Our services include, but are not limited to: Purchase and Sale of Residential and Commercial Property, Transaction Structuring, Due Diligence, Mortgage Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, Foreclosure Modifications, Short Sale Workouts, and Deficiency Judgement Defense.


Hit by another driver? Your car may now be worth less. When involved in a car accident, your vehicle will diminish in value as a result. With proper guidance and with accurate appraisal, our attorneys and experts can help you navigate the diminished value claims process to maximize your ability to get top dollar.


As a business owner, your focus should be on growing your business. The last thing most businesses owners want is to get tied up in a lawsuit. But sometimes you cannot avoid disputes and the need to file a law suit. When that happens you can trust us to handle all of your legal needs.  We represent clients in a wide variety of business disputes such as: Breach of Contract and Contract Interpretation, Shareholder and Partnership Disputes, Collection of Amounts Due, Insurance Coverage, Employment Disputes, and Business Torts.


Have a potential legal issue that doesn't quite fit into the boxes of one of our areas of practice? We may still be able to help you solve your legal matters. Our attorneys come from a diverse background handling multiple kinds of legal issues.